Universal - General Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Carrier for Universal. Universal is a diverse company and can give you access to thousands of loads from shippers in every region of the country; ranging from van to flatbed to specialized to intermodal work. We can be a business partner that will keep your trucks loaded and busy every day of the week. Based on the type of freight you haul, you can apply to haul for the following operating entities:

  • Universal Intermodal Services, Inc.
  • Deco Logistics, Inc dba Container Connection
  • Central Cal Transportation, LLC
  • Southern Counties Express, Inc.
  • Specialized Rail Services, Inc
  • Universal Capacity Solutions, LLC
  • UACL Logistics, LLC
  • Universal Specialized, Inc
  • Universal Dedicated of Smyrna, TN LLC
  • Universal Dedicated of Romulus, MI LLC
  • Universal Dedicated of Detroit, MI LLC
  • Universal Dedicated of Fort Wayne, IN LLC
  • Universal Dedicated of Arlington, TX LLC
  • Universal Dedicated of Nebraska and Wisconsin, LLC
  • Logistics Insight Corp.
  • Universal Logistics Solutions Canada, Inc.
Universal Trucks
Universal Trucks

Listed below are our minumum requirements that must be met to be qualified as a Carrier for Universal. If all are not met today, you may return at a later date to reapply.

Universal Trucks
  • Provide a valid MC/MX or USDOT number. Intrastate Carriers without a DOT may supply an applicable state registration number.
  • Universal's Master Transportation Brokerage Agreement must be signed by a representative of the Carrier who is authorized to enter into binding agreements.
  • Completed W9 form
  • Carrier profile sheet
  • Provided a certificate of insurance that meets Universal's minimum requirements. The certificate must be provided from your insurance agent.
*You will be required to meet the following Carrier Compliance Requirements:
  • Active Operating Authority, not less than 3 months old
  • Safety Rating must be Satisfactory or None

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Carrier for Universal. We hope Universal can be a long lasting and profitable business partner.

Insurance Requirements:
General Liability
Auto Coverage
Worker's Comp
Statutory limits
*Universal Dedicated requires:
  • $250,000 cargo
  • $2,000,000 General Liability per occurrence
  • $2,000,000 Auto Liability per occurrence